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SLNB have targeted music programs that are aimed in helping musicians across the world and continent improve and also provides platforms for musicians to showcase their skills and talents. We believe that with hard work and consistency, success is inevitable.

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Our services

We Creating Solutions For Your Musical Career

Music Finance Strategy

SLNB helps artistes with high class music finance strategy to enhance rapid growth.

Portfolio & Resource Allocation

We also help educate and build artistes capacity to make good music that is widely acceptible.

Organization & Artiste Management

We also manage artistes from all genres of music, to grow and guide them into success.

Record Label Deals

We award record label deals and contract to talented upcoming artistes and help lend them a voice to impact lives through music.

Popular Course

Tonal Talks

SMJ, who is currently one of the finest piano player and music producer in Nigeria, has been recently featured in a music educational project called Tonal Talks, his first commercial music tutorial ever which is powered by SLNB (Sound Like Never Before) he broke down some tim godfrey popular songs and also delved into a lot of Nuances like -

  • Setting a solemn atmosphere
  • Pedal control
  • Tone selection
  • Shout music
  • Drop two's
  • Talk music
  • Creating live arrangements
  • Basic piano exercises for beginners

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