About Lambah Music

LAMBAH - Its a language used to interprete drums and percussion

LAMBAH Music- can be defined as the act of interpreting drums and percussion at the same time while it's been played.

LAMBAH was introduced on 26th November 2018, by Miracle Ifeanyichukwu Kenneth, popularly known as Miracle stickinz, a Nigerian.

LAMBAH was created as a weapon to introduce drummers and percussionist, because he thought about the drums being a major solo instrument, whereby the drummer and the percussionist becomes the key and principality in music making, because in the BC's and the present AC's, drums and percussion has been an accompaniment in music making.

This came up because right from childhood as a drummer, he had the gift of interpreting drums and percussion.


  • Snare major sound - Kpa (First ascent)
  • Ka (Second ascent)
  • Ta,ra (Light notes)
  • Tom's - Kpo (First ascent)
  • Ko (Second ascent)
  • To,ro (Light notes)
  • Floor Tom - Kpu (First ascent)
  • Ku (Second ascent)
  • Ruru (Light notes)
  • Base drum - Du or Did
  • High hates - ts hard touch tssssh