About Us

Founder and CO-CEO

Vic Kenneth. (Spirit) Vic Kenneth popularly known as spirit is an extraordinary Afro fusion artist, he is also the founder and Co CEO of SLNB. He is referred to as the king of Afro fusion and is a lover of God. He was born on the 21th December 1997. He was born in the city of ABA abia state . He started music at the age of 11 with his mother as his first piano tutor. Because of his passion for musical mysteries and knowledge, he dropped out of secondary school for three months and enrolled in a music school owned by a renowned music educator Dr. Pokey. Onyemachi Chukwu. Who eventually became a mentor and a father to him.

In the year 2014. Vic Kenneth graduated from secondary school and started up the company and they hosted their first concert in Abia state. "Christmas According to Jazz. In the year 2015, he enrolled in an online music certificate program with Berklee online and finished in the year 2017. While he was studying in Berklee, he also started up a music institute at his then residence. In an interview, he said it was not financially easy running the company and studying at the same time but he played some gigs in churches and clubs for extra income. He is a talented singer, song writer an extraordinary fusionist and an amazing piano player.